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Adults only

You play as police officer John Rivera who unexpectedly gets involved in the investigation of a massive diamond heist

The evidence leads you to the house of the main suspect, a young man named Alexander Spencer. He is missing, unfortunately, but his two sisters are still there and they could be the key to cracking the case and finding the stolen goods.

Diana is the older sister who recently turned 20. She is currently studying at law school where she learned quickly that her beauty holds significant power over men and she never hesitates to use it to her advantage.

18 year old Elizabeth is the complete opposite of her sister. Shy, and quiet, she doesn't have much experience with guys. But is she really as innocent as she seems?

To achieve his goal John will have to discover all the sisters' secrets. How you go about it is entirely your choice. You can try to earn the girls' trust or use intimidation and blackmail to get what you want.


  • Point-and-click adventure game
  • Hardcore interactive sex scenes
  • The scenes are justified by the plot
  • Be a good guy, or a bad one
  • Multiple endings

My website: cherrysock.com

E-mail: author@cherrysock.com


1.0.0a (21 July 2016)

  1. Fixed a rare bug, when the game crashes right after intro video
  2. Game now runs in windowed mode by default
  3. Fixed a couple of minor graphical issues

1.0.1 (27 July 2016)

  1. Fixed a potentially game breaking bug (see my website for details)
  2. Fixed more than 25 spelling errors (thanks to Jack from AGS forums)
  3. In the demo version the "Buy game" button is only visible in the main menu now

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Release date Jul 20, 2016
TagsErotic, Multiple Endings, Point & Click
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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I know you're working on another project now, but I'm having trouble getting the good ending. I've been following a (mildly incoherent) walkthrough and done everything exactly as stated, but my game won't progress past planting the bag of "weed" in the James' coffee package. Walkthrough says something about talking to Elizabeth after giving her the forged note and "Warm her up", but I have absolutely no dialogue options for that and can't use any items anywhere else aside from taking the "weed" and planting it elsewhere.

Damn, I totally forgot my own game.

I think you just need to ask James for a coffee so he opens the package.

I can' t get past the scene where you find the tablet, I tried seeing if I could give it to the one sister, but the dialog says I should look at the tablet, there's no place to look at the tablet.  there's no hints or help in this game.  Disappointed...


To look at the tablet you just need to right click on it in the inventory. Sorry if I didn't make it clear. Hope the rest of the game will not be as disappointing

I did get the tablet, but then when I want to give to the girl it tells me not to yet.  I tried clicking on everything/everywhere and can't find what to do with the tablet. any ideas?

Before giving it to the girl you should open your inventory and right click on the tablet.

I finally got through that, I've made it to the part where the older sister wants champaigne.  I have  a flat head screwdriver and the other pliers. how do I get past this?

Julu?  No more?

Sorry, JULY?  No More?  are yo done with this project?

This this yes. I am working on another one now: https://cherrysock.itch.io/sex-and-the-sea

Deleted post

Fixed. Thanks for notifying me

Fun erotic adventure game with multiple endings. The puzzles are laid out in a logic fashion and the game has no bugs that I encountered.

Fun little game with great scenes. Can't wait for more